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School Supply List


1 plastic crayon box or pencil pouch

1 pair of scissors (“academic” 5” blunt)

8+ small glue sticks

Plain #2 yellow pencils

2 sets of crayons (Crayola 24 pack will work.)

1 pack of Expo Dry Erase markers

2 plastic folders with pockets and prongs

Headphones (small plug) for computers

1 plastic 3 ring binder (1.5 inch)

Mead Primary Journal composition book

1 towel or Kindermat for rest time, labeled with Child’s name


1st Grade

1 plastic crayon box or pencil pouch

1 pair of scissors (“academic” 5” blunt)

8+ small glue sticks

2 sets of crayons (Crayola 24 pack will work)

1 plastic 3 ring binder (1.5 inch with solid color)

Mead Primary Journal composition book

Plain #2 yellow pencils

Headphones (small plug) for computers

3 – 3 prong folders

Pack of 2 expo markers



2nd Grade

1 Packs of wide ruled loose leaf paper

Several boxes of plain #2 yellow pencils

1 Primary Journal

1 pair Fiscars Scissors

1 box of 24-pack crayons

2 small glue sticks

3-4 erasers

1 backpack

6 folders (1 blue, 1 red, 1, green, 1 yellow, and 2 of your choice)

Headphones (small plug) for use on the computers

1 70 page spiral notebook, wide-ruled lines

1one inch 3 ring binder

1 pack of dividers for binder

2 bottles of hand sanitizer

1 container Clorox or Baby wipes

3 boxes of facial tissue

1 roll of paper towels


3rd and 4th grade

Loose leaf, wide ruled notebook paper

1 – 5 subject spiral notebook

2 – marble composition notebooks

6 – pocket folders (red, blue, green, yellow, purple and a color of your choice)

Accordion binder folder with at least 6 inside pockets

5 – 10 count or larger packs of #2 pencils

Box of crayons – 24 count or smaller

Pair of scissors

2 – glue sticks

Small pencil box

2 – red checking pens or pencils

2 – wedge erasers

2 - large boxes of Kleenex

2- large containers of Clorox wipes for disinfectant

1 - bottle of germ-x

Headphones (small plug) for computers


3rd grade -basic 4 function calculator

4th grade -TI 30Xa


5th and 6th grade

Three Ring Binder (2-3 inches)

Dividers that can be labeled for the binder

Loose Leaf notebook paper

6 Folders with pockets

1 box of colored pencils

Several #2 pencils

Several Red ink pens

One Subject Spiral Notebook

Head phones for the computers (small plug)

Texas Instruments TI-30X or 30Xa Calculator

1 flash drive

1 Box of Tissues

1 Container of Germ-X

1 Container of Clorox Wipes

Expo Markers

Sticky Notes



7th and 8th grade

5 Composition notebooks
5 (3 whole or prong) folders
College rule paper
Index cards
Sticky notes
Glue (bottles, not the sticks)
Colored pencils/markers
Headphones/Ear buds
USB Flash drive. (These will be used for ELA and Social Studies projects) 
Clorox Wipes

Expo Markers