About Us

Glenwood Elementary School is located on the Warrensburg Road, approximately 5 miles out of Greeneville, Tennessee. OreBank, Ealeys, Hartman's, Oak Grove, Bright Hope, and Rader's are the community schools that were consolidated to form Glenwood many years ago. Glenwood was at one time a high school. The colors were red and white. The mascot was the redbird. Glenwood became an elementary school in 1963. An Indian chief is now our mascot and our colors are red and white. Our school has Pre-K through eighth grades. The enrollment is approximately 190 students. We have 14 teachers and a principal on staff along with an art, music, band,  guidance counselor, gifted, and speech teachers who are shared with other schools in the county. Glenwood School has two organizations which help the school and community. These organizations are Glenwood Student & Athletic Club and Glenwood Ruritan.